Other Professional Development Opportunities

Additional professional development courses have been created through the SUN-Cooperative for Teaching and Learning.  To inquire about the availabilty of these courses at your school, contact your SUN-CTL Advisory Committee Representative. (See the link provided on the left of your screen to find your representative).

  • Foundations of Education - A series of four online learning modules, this course introduces instructors to the necessities and tools of critically reflective teaching.  Instructors will examine their strengths and areas of need in various facets of effective instruction.  Instructors will use these self-evaluations to create/recreate syllabi and lessons in order to construct them around best practices in backward design and alignment.   Prerequisite knowledge and skills:  Participation in this course requires that the student be a current instructor at the college level and in one of the SUN Online participating colleges.  This course requires the student to read, write, and discuss pedagogical topics, especially as they relate to the individual's practice as an instructor.  Since this four week course will be conducted entirely online, students should be comfortable using a computer, sending and receiving emals, attaching documents, and navigating websites.


  • Instructional Resources for Teaching OnlineThis course is intended for higher education faculty or public school teachers using online instructional resources.  The course will focus on locating, evaluating, implementing and properly citing online resources in accordance with copyright and fair use regulations.  The course will emphasize best practices for online teaching and learning.  Pre-requisite:  SUN OIC Course 2 or its equivalent.


  • Understanding by Design - A curricular framework that focues on backward design, conceptual thought, structured curriculum planning, and three stages of curriculum design.  Through this class, faculty will garner the skills to plan an objective-based curriculum, design conceptual thinking parameters, and focus on alignment of objectives, assessments and lessons.  This class is designed as a hybrid course, meaning half the instruction wll be delivered online and half the instruction will be delivered face to face.  


  • Universal Design - Elements of Accessibility - This course is intended for higher education faculty or public school teachers interested in creating an inclusive environment through universal design and accessibility within the online environment.  This course will focus on evaluating and implementing universal design principles and elements of accessibility within online courses. Pre-requisite:  SUN OIC Course 2 or its equivalent.