Quality Matters Certification of SUN Online Courses

Quality Matters - Certification of SUN Online Courses

SUN-CTL Policy for Quality Matters Certification of SUN Online Courses: Quality Matters (QM) is the standard that has been adopted by the Skill-Up Network for all courses shared through the SUN Onilne Seat Bank.  In an effort to ensure excellence in online instruction and delivery, it is the policy of the SUN-CTL that all SUN Online shared courses will be reviewed internally by two QM Certified Peer Reviewers, with one reviewer serving as the Subject Matter Expert and one reviewer designated as a lead Peer Reviewer.  If there is a difference in opinion with regard to whether a course has met QM Standards, a third QM Certified Peer Revewer will be utilized.  The Internal Peer Reviews will use the QM Rubric and follow the same standards as an external Quality Matters Peer Review.  That is, in order to receive certification, the course must meet all QM essential three point standards and receive a minimum of 85% of the total possible points.  Each institution participating in the SUN Onine Seat Bank will be responsible for the QM Reviews of their own courses.  All courses offered in the SUN Online Seat Bank must have internal QM Peer Reviews begun by the spring 2014 semester and must pass an internal QM Peer Review by the end of summer 2014 in order to be offered in the SUN Onilne Seat Bank for the fall 2014 semester and beyond.  Thereafter, before a new course can be offered in the SUN Online Seat Bank, it must first pass a Quality Matters Internal Peer Review.

The Quality Matters Rubric, against which all SUN Online courses will be evaluated, can be accessed here:  Quality Matters Rubric  

 A list of current Quality Matters Peer Reviewers for all SUN Online participating institutions can be accessed here:  Current SUN Quality Matters Peer Reviewers

Information concerning Quality Matters Peer Reviewer training funded through the TAACCCT DOL Skill Up Network Grant can be accessed here: QM Peer Reviewer Certification Training